Do you have an Android (Google Phone), iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or some other mobile device?

Who are you trying to be, Inspector Gadget?  But seriously, if you have a mobile device (especially the ones that are specifically listed above), click here to connect to this chat room in real-time directly from your phone or mobile device’s built-in web browser.  You don’t need to download or install any software to your mobile device to connect to this chat room.  :)

Guests/new chat users:

Anyone can use this chat.  No password or registration is required.  Enter any username you wish as long as it isn’t being used by someone else, click Login, and you’re done.

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Registered members:

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1.  No abuseable scripts

2.  No flaming or trolling … but you can try flame-grilling a troll at your next barbeque

3.  No flooding or spamming

4.  When in doubt, cut it out.  (You liked that rhyme, didn’t you?  That’s actually a motto that surgeons use in the treatment of tumors.)

5.  For a visual tutorial of how to behave, please consult this video:

Have fun!