Rocket scientist makes crazy faces and tells a funny money joke

Besides making crazy faces and dancing to Galaxy by War, here is a written copy of the joke I shared in this video.

There are three (3) priests, each of which has their own unique way of splitting up the donations they receive from their members.  They decide how much of that money goes to the church and how much they keep for themselves (i.e. how much goes to their own pockets).

The first priest has a straightforward method:  50/50 – half goes to the church, and the other half goes to him

The second priest has a more complex method:  He draws a line along the exact center of a table, which effectively separates the table into two halves.  He then throws up all the money in the air – whatever lands to his left of the table (to his left of the line) goes to himself … whatever lands to his right (to the right of the line) goes to the church.

The third priest just throws up all the money in the air (no table or any special tricks involved here).  Whatever stays up in the air (floats) goes to God/the church, and whatever lands or falls goes to him!

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