Lessons from Jon Schmidt’s Game Day

Put your game face on!  Personally, this song reminded me of a an epic journey which leads to triumph.  You may pick out different things from the melody or composition.

So how am I going to tie this into business or money?  You’ll notice that some parts of the song are more intense than others.  Just as in life, there are a roller coaster of emotions and experiences … sometimes things are calm and, other times, they are more intense.

Embrace what comes rather than allowing it to stifle you.  Be determined.  It’s easier said than done, but it’s all about developing that mindset and putting it into action.  You have the power to determine how you react to situations … you can either embrace challenges as a learning experience or allow the same obstacles to keep you down.

Be a game changer … make your own game.  Some of the most innovative products and businesses have come out of the need to be different or improve on mainstream solutions.

Make every day a game day!

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