Do you want to meet Bailout Bill, or do you just want the free cash?

I’m not talking about some governmental stimulus package.  I’m talking about a real person who was handing out cash at a booth in the streets of New York. (I’ve included some references/articles at the end of this post if you want further information.)

Crowds lined up in the cold to get their cash (cold cash anyone?) – all they needed to do was tell why they needed the money. After they did that, they were eligible to receive anywhere from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $5,000.

Bailout Bill isn’t done. He plans to hand out more cash in other US cities … and in the process of doing so, he’s advertising a new website:  Talk about a clever way to generate buzz and attract attention i.e. advertise.

Are you generating buzz?  Maybe you can’t afford to hand out $50,000 in cash in one day, but there are plenty of other ways to stand out and be creative.  You can start by learning from the masters.

Enough about buzz (or Buzz Lightyear and his mission to surpass infinity) … I wanted to touch on other aspects here.  People stand in line for free cash.  Also, on Black Friday, people will camp out, wait in line at 5:30 AM, and even trample over each other to catch good buys.

Many of these people are willing to fight just to catch a good buy or get free money.  (Side note:  When stores offer outrageous sales or coupons, it’s like they’re printing money!)

So these people will sacrifice their time, energy, and even sleep just to catch a good buy.  Yet, when it comes to taking decisive action to change their financial situation, get rid of debt, and stop chasing money, they lack the same zeal and passion.  Imagine what would happen if all of these people channeled this enthusiasm and stamina to launch a business that they were truly passionate about.  Imagine if they put the same kind of hustle into marketing, advertising, and attracting the masses.

Do you want to meet Bailout Bill, or do you just want the free cash?  Would you want to know how Bailout Bill became successful to the point where he’s able to freely hand out cash?  Maybe you can learn how to employ some of his strategies to launch or improve a business, generate more cash flow, etc.

Do you want to learn how to successfully manage the store and cash in, or do you just want to chase the good buys?  Would you wake up at 5:30 AM if you were the owner of the store and it meant raking in a ton of cash that day?  It might not be the most pleasant experience to deal with crowds of consumers … but hey, is it any more pleasant to camp out, wait in line, and fight for deals?  You’re dealing with crowds either way, whether you’re a shopper or the manager.  You’ll do what it takes if you have the drive and determination.

Think about the sacrifices you make to do other things.  If you can channel that same kind of energy into taking decisive action to change your financial situation, learn new ideas, explore, network, etc., you might be blown away by the results.


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