Do you take freshness seriously?

This is Talk Money Cafe, and it’s about time that I wrote a post that at least makes a passing reference to coffee.  As usual, I will try to tie this in with money and business.

You might be familiar with Peet’s Coffee & Tea.  Their mission statement regarding freshness was noteworthy.

At Peet’s we take freshness seriously. It is only by roasting and shipping the same day that we can be sure that you enjoy the distinctive deep-roasted flavor of Peet’s. We call it “Roaster-to-Cup” freshness, and you can taste the difference.

When you choose Home Delivery, we ship right to your home – it is the freshest of the fresh. It’s the apple right off the tree, the bread right out of the oven…you get the picture.

Their mission statement brought to mind the following question:  When am I going to make a trip to the apple orchard to pick some fresh apples and buy freshly baked bread?

Actually, that wasn’t the question.  Here’s the question:  Do you take freshness seriously?

A while back, I wrote a post about being creative and unleashing the power of your imagination [click here].  Allow me to quote an excerpt from that post (actually, you don’t really have a choice in the matter heh).

There are many systems and programs out there that claim that you’ll produce your first million just by using a premade website that they provide to you.  What’s the problem with this?  If 1,000+ people are using the same “cookie cutter” website to promote the same product with the same information, there is no true product differentiation.  There are a bunch of clone websites all over the place, and you’re basically competing with fellow program members.  The market becomes oversaturated.  How can you expect to have measurable success in such an environment?

It is thus important to own who you are.  Offering a “canned” product to your prospects is certainly not fresh, and it doesn’t really express who you are.  If you take freshness seriously, then you will embrace challenges, seek to improve and/or adjust the “canned” approach to your unique personality, look for ways to simplify, and generally keep things interesting.

Just as people respond favorably to the scents and tastes of fresh coffee or food, people will also begin to notice and appreciate your strive for freshness.  It is important to be honest, sincere, and upfront, as onlookers will take note of this.  Sooner or later, someone will notice if you’re trying to falsely disguise a canned product as something that’s “fresh.”

Being fresh and innovative can actually be a blessing in today’s economy.  One news item from this week comes to mind regarding a payment processor, Revolution MoneyExchange.  Just this week, Revolution Money received $42 million in Series C funding from investors which include a Goldman Sachs affiliate, an AOL co-founder, a former CEO of Charles Schwab, the former JP Morgan Vice Chairman, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.

For a payment processor to receive that kind of funding in today’s economy, they must have a revolutionary business model … pun intended.  Revolution Money continues to offer fresh alternatives for merchants and consumers.

Here are some further news articles about Revolution Money’s funding.

>> Wall Street Journal:  Payment Processor Revolution Money Pumped With $42M

>> Reuters UK:  PayPal, Visa rival gets $42 mln from Goldman, others

>> Yahoo Finance:  Revolution Money Secures $42 Million in Series C Funding from Goldman Sachs Affiliate and Existing Investors

Do you take freshness seriously?  I’m not being fresh when I pose that question (this crazy admin really needs to quit the wordplay games).

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  • talkmoneycafe

    Are canned messages aimed at “canned consumers”?


  • talkmoneycafe

    Are canned messages aimed at “canned consumers”?


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