Cooking up some fixes: FeedBurner, Mint pepper, and Structure theme in a WordPress demi-glaze

I’m stepping back from the normal Talk Money Cafe agenda to address a couple of matters regarding FeedBurner.  In case you aren’t aware, all existing FeedBurner accounts are going to be moved to the Google API by February 28, 2009.

There are two blog posts which provide helpful information regarding this move – they even provide steps on how to move everything now instead of waiting until February:  (1) and (2)

I successfully and painlessly made the move yesterday.  In addition, I updated the subscribe via RSS and e-mail links at the top right of this blog.  The updated links are also shown below for your reference.

>>  Subscribe by RSS

>>  Subscribe by e-mail

I’m using the Structure theme by Justin Tadlock and, while it was easy to update the RSS subscription link in the theme settings, updating the e-mail subscription link required a few more steps.

Thankfully, I was able to figure it out on my own, and I’m going to share these steps to save others some time and/or frustration.  Hopefully this tutorial proves to be helpful to a fellow Structure theme user (or anyone else who is facing a similar predicament).

How to update your e-mail subscription link to the new format (for Structure theme users):

1.  Find the filters.php file.  This can be accessed via:  wp-content/themes/structure/library/functions/filters.php (Yes, by examining and analyzing the code of various PHP files in each of the directories, I figured out that this was the specific file that had to be modified.)

2.  Open the filters.php file and look at roughly lines 18 through 20 of the code.  That section of the code should look something like this (before making any changes) …

$feed .= '<li class="feed-email"><a href="' . $settings['feed_id'] . '" title="' . __('Subscribe by email','structure') . '"><span>' . __('Subscribe by email','structure') . '</span></a></li>';
$feed .= '</ul>';

3.  Change/modify the code so that it looks like this (the change is outlined in green below).

$feed .= '<li class="feed-email"><a href="' . $settings['feed_id'] . '" title="' . __('Subscribe by email','structure') . '"><span>' . __('Subscribe by email','structure') . '</span></a></li>';
$feed .= '</ul>';

4.  Save your changes and upload the modified filters.php file to that same directory as mentioned in Step #1.

5.  From the WordPress Admin panel/dashboard, go to Structure Settings | General Settings.

6.  There will be a field to enter your Feedburner ID.  Enter your new Feedburner ID (not the old one that contained a string of digits for e-mail subscriptions – e.g. your old ID may have been 0123456).  For example, my new Feedburner ID is tmcafeblog.

7.  Click on Update Options, and you’re done!

On another note, if you use the Mint application to keep track of your statistics, an updated FeedBurner pepper (version 2.03) can be downloaded – it supports Google’s new FeedBurner API:

Happy FeedBurner days are just ahead, even if you appear to have zero subscribers today.

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