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Would you like to enhance your exposure on the web for free?  Do you have related articles, ideas, etc. that you wish to share with and submit to me?  Are you passionate about educating and helping others?

If you were crazy enough to answer yes to those questions, then why not join in on the fun at Talk Money Cafe?  (Just in case you were wondering, this question cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”)

What’s in it for you, the contributor?

You get a new BMW Z4.  Ok, not really … but it’s always fun to think big.

If you share and submit a relevant item of interest and I ultimately decide to publish it, you will receive full credit for the post.  In addition, your user name and/or name along with a link to your website will be displayed in the List of contributors:  TMC Wall of Fame section above.  As you can imagine, contributing content to Talk Money Cafe can provide more free exposure for your name and site; this will ultimately result in more free traffic to your site.

Money can’t buy something that’s free … wait a minute, is that a zero dollar bill that I see?  (Insert cheesy grin here)

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