Announcements: January 11, 2009

Announcement:  This is a cafe, so there’s a good chance that there isn’t water in your cup.

On a more serious note, here are some announcements for today.

1.  I wanted to personally acknowledge all of you who have made comments on my blog posts thus far.  Your names and websites are listed below.

>> Bart Gatsby:

>> BusinessClix:

>> Damien:

>> DawnAshby:

>> Gabriel:

>> MadMadMargo:

>> Nauticus:

>> Tom Humes:

>> Zentastic:

a.  Speaking of comments, I have installed a common plugin known as CommentLuv.  You can now automatically leave a link to any of your most recent blog posts when you comment.

b.  I have also installed another plugin called WordPress Thread Comment.

c.  If you’re experiencing difficulty making comments, please contact me.

2.  There are more ways to contact the crazy admin, including Twitter.  I have updated the Contact page to reflect these new ways to get in touch – please click here to view the changes.

3.  You’ll notice some minor changes to navigation along the sidebar and in the footer.

a.  In the sidebar, you’ll notice that I have removed the Bookmarks tab that was originally present.  Now there are only three tabs:  Archives, Latest, and Tags.  If you scroll down just a little bit, you’ll notice four more distinct boxes which contain links according to each corresponding category:  Blogroll, Chat, Forum, and Register & login.

The Bookmarks tab originally contained a list of uncategorized links.  The four categories mentioned above help to separate and organize things, especially since I have acquired a larger list of favorite blogs within the past month.

b.  There is now a way to navigate by page number in the footer.  This is an alternative to selecting “Next page” or “Previous page” when browsing through earlier posts, archives, etc.

4.  As always, if you want to be informed of the latest updates here at Talk Money Cafe, please subscribe.

a.  Subscribe by RSS:  Click here

b.  Subscribe by e-mail:  Click here

Note:  A link to this announcement will be placed in the forum (click here) for future reference.