Announcements: December 15, 2008

Hello world – I wanted to remind you of some important developments at Talk Money Cafe.

I.  Streamlined layout and navigation

A.  Tabs on the sidebar

i.  Archives:  A helpful way to dig through old posts by month and year

ii.  Bookmarks:  A list of helpful links

iii.  Latest:  A list of the latest 10 posts

iv.  Tags:  Tag cloud

B.  Number of latest posts on main page and in RSS feeds

i.  Only the most recent post is displayed on the main page (i.e. just one post).

ii.  The latest ten (10) posts are still shown in the RSS feed.

C.  Tabbed categories below the most recent post on the main page

i.  These tabs are separated by category – this enables you to navigate to recent subject-specific posts.

II.  New “tabs” at the top for different pages (i.e. About, Chat, Contact, etc.)

A.  About:  Find out more about the crazy admin and Talk Money Café by clicking on the About tab at the top of this page or by clicking here.

B.  Chat:  Access the WordPress integrated chat.  Click on the Chat tab at the top or click here for further information.

C.  Contact:  Get in touch with the crazy admin by clicking on the Contact tab at the top or by clicking here.

D.  Contribute:  Would you like to enhance your exposure on the web for free?  Find out how by clicking on the Contribute tab at the top or by clicking here.

E.  Disclaimer:  This is a valiant attempt to protect myself from a litigious society.  Click on the Disclaimer tab at the top or click here for further information.

F.  Forum:  Joining the Talk Money Café forum will give you mad bling-bling powers.  Well, I might be exaggerating just a little bit.  You can visit the forum directly by clicking here.  Otherwise, feel free to check out the Forum tab at the top for a brief overview of the forum’s contents.

Note:  A link to this announcement will be placed in the forum for additional reference.