About the crazy admin

What is there to say about me?  If anyone is interested in offering me a large sum of money, I can usually be tempted unless there are too many strings attached … so don’t ask me to hold a bunch of helium-filled balloons, kites, etc.

All of the work I do involves computers and/or numbers in one form or another.  My “boss” doesn’t care what time I “come in” to work; as long as I show up for the day and accomplish what needs to get done, that’s all that matters.

As a result, this affords me the freedom to participate in many enjoyable activities:  Getting a root canal, getting the car inspected, waiting for hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office, actively participating in jury duty and getting involved in cases that span a long period of time, and other similar activities that people would love to do if they had extra time.  Admit it – you’re jealous of all these fun things that I get to do.  (You must realize by now that I’m joking.  Actually, my first name isn’t Joking.)

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Educational background of the crazy admin

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to talk about most money matters … even though the admin of this site has a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering.  You’ll notice that I sometimes take a numerical or analytical approach to certain topics … yes, I’m a nerd.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick/Piscataway, New Jersey

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, With High Honors

Concentration: Aerospace

Dean’s List — 8 semesters

Cumulative GPA: 3.803

About Talk Money Café

Talking about money should be as delightful as having a fresh cup of coffee.  We’re constantly brewing up ideas and strategies that can help you make some beans (I couldn’t resist throwing a few puns into the proverbial coffee pot).

Throughout history, cafés have been a popular rendezvous for casual conversation, food, and drink.  Amidst the conversation in this blog and in the forum, we offer food for thought.  In addition, we serve up an energetic beverage of stimulating ideas.  (The crazy admin is chock-full of nuts.)

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as stating:  “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  In this blog and the forum, we candidly educate others about the many pitfalls and traps that exist in various “industries.”  In addition, we focus on real businesses and/or long-term, sustainable, and legally compliant money making opportunities.

While a majority of the posts contain content that directly or indirectly involves money, you may occasionally notice posts about other topics.  An excessive intake of caffeine can cause a person to ramble on about many different subjects simultaneously.  (I warned you that the admin is crazy!)

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Have fun, and be smart with your money.

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